Evidence-Based Parenting from a Child Development PhD



Hey there, I'm Kristyn. I've got a PhD in child development and I'm also a mama to an almost 2-year-old. My main goal across my socials and on this page is to bring you evidence-based parenting content that you can actually understand and access at the touch of a button.

A lot of my content is free, because parenting shouldn't be paywalled. However, you'll also find services on here that you can pay for which allow you to purchase my time & research skills for questions I haven't answered yet or that you want more information for. 

I'm in the middle of building out a bunch of free and paid materials right now, so keep up with me on my socials to hear all about them as they're published. You'll find me on TikTok and Instagram predominantly, but you'll also find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter occasionally. 

Thanks for being here and I hope you know you're a spectacular parent!