Evidence-Based Parenting from a Child Development PhD



Hey there, I'm Kristyn. I've got a PhD in child development and I'm also a mama to a 2-year-old. In my day job, I conduct research on children's early cognitive, social and emotional development (currently doing fun stuff with robots). Outside of my day job, I hang out on my various socials, communicating science and shouting about evidence based parenting from literally anywhere that will let me speak. My main goal is to bring evidence-based parenting content to those that need it, delivered in a way everyone can understand.


All my content is free because parenting shouldn't be paywalled for those that need it most, parents. There is already a huge gap in accessibility for those in higher and lower income brackets, and I don't want to contribute to that. To cover my expenses for creating and hosting my content, I do paid advertisements on my various platforms, so if you see an ad on my pages, give it a like because it helps me continue bringing you as much free content as I possibly can. 

If you want to support me because you have the means to do so and feel overwhelmingly compelled to, you can buy me a (decaf) coffee, you can purchase one of my merch for good pieces, or you can head over to my evidence based play toy curation at my best friends store, Page & Pine. But honestly, you do not need to do any of the above to consume and enjoy my content. So if you support me in no other way, than downloading, liking, commenting or watching, please know that is more than enough. I am endlessly grateful that somehow I was lucky enough to find my people on the internet.


As my days are crazy busy between a full time university research position and one wildly brilliant toddler, my content comes out slowly and sporadically. When new content does come out, make sure you are subscribed to hear about it. I hang out on TikTok and Instagram predominantly, my podcast Parenting Unpacked goes live every Tuesday and I also publish my content on YoutubeFacebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Thanks for being here and I hope you know you're a spectacular parent!