Translating the science of child development for your brand

Have you got a brand that relates to babies, children or parenting and want to be able to bring your customers the science behind your products? Would you like to use the science of child development to set your brand and products apart from the rest of the market? If this sounds like you, read on! 

As a researcher in child development, a lecturer in developmental psychology and a social media science communicator I have a unique ability to find, understand and translate the latest scientific research into evidence-based parenting information. If you have been on my social pages before, you would be familiar with how I take current evidence and synthesise it into 60 seconds videos that parents can use to navigate their daily life. 

Here's why this skill is valuable for you if you're a child or parenting brand. You know that your products are great. You know they add value to the lives of those that use them. You want to be able to communicate the value of your products from an evidence based perspective, but you have no idea where to even start, how to understand research and how to apply that to your products and your brand. This is where I can help you! 

I can help you identify:

  • The underlying developmental theories that apply to your products

  • The value of your products from a scientific perspective

  • The benefits your products may have for children and parents

  • The ways parents can use your products with their children to scaffold and support their child's development 

When you engage Sommer Science Brand Consulting, you receive a comprehensive document including the following deliverables:

  • A summary of the current evidence available relating to your products

  • Presented in simple language, readily understandable by any reader

  • Suggestions for how you can use and present this information to your customers 

  • A list of the peer reviewed sources I used to compile the information 

Parents love evidence-based parenting information. This is evident by the 170,000 parents following my socials and the nearly 7 million viewers I receive monthly on my content. Parents want to know that they are providing their child with the best opportunities for learning, and presenting evidence-based information alongside your products gives parents this piece of mind. If you'd love to add evidence-based parenting information to your brand, products and website, fill the form out down below and let's chat!


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