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The Toddler Game

The Toddler Game


Board games are a favourite family past time. They bring connection, laughs and creativity to the table, but our littlest humans always get left out. So here's a game that also teaches toddlers turn taking, emotions, body parts, colours, senses and more, while bringing joy and connection to the whole family.


This is a free download. Simply go through the checkout and the file will be emailed to you. You'll also recieve a link to the canva template in the pdf of the game so you can change the colours, add different activities or completely change everything about it. 


What you'll need:

6 x multicoloured objects and a pouch OR a 6 sided cube/dice

Printed cards (I laminated mine because... toddlers)


How to play:

1. Shake up your pouch of objects and grab one object out OR roll your dice 

2. Find the card corresponding to the colour you selected

3. Act out the whatever it is the card requests

4. Once done, discard the card, put the object away and get ready for the next person's turn


Happy Playing! 

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